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at 11/12/2020, 13:22pm

Hi Everyone! This Community Support forum is for asking questions you can't find answers for on our WikiWebsite or Documentation
This thread will layout a few rules to be followed when using this forum.
1. Formatting. Make your thread title the question you are asking. Be concise. You can elaborate your question further in the body text.
2. Don't waste time. Please refrain from sharing questions before referencing our available resources mentioned earlier. 
3. Don't post time-sensitive questions. If you are experiencing issues that are urgent, please contact openQRM support for help.
4. Be respectful. Remember you are talking with human beings. Treat each other with respect and kindness. 
5. No Tolerance. Violating the Terms of Service (by which you agree to by using this forum) or any rules given in this post, can, and most likely will result in your account being banned. Admins/Moderators are under no obligation to give warnings prior to banning. PLEASE REPORT ANY ABUSE.
- The openQRM team

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