The new openQRM + Proxmox Solution aims to simplify and automate your cloud computing and deployment endeavours so that your business can focus on other important tasks. This solution includes a Proxmox program image, a select handful of openQRM plugins, including the new ATU Provisioning Plugin, and also a whopping 200 hours of consultation and support!


- openQRM Commercial licence
- Proxmox licence

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openQRM + Proxmox Solution

$16290.89 AUD
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Available AddOns

  • Cloud Marketplace Plug-In
  • AWS EC2 Plug-In
  • Cloud Zones Plug-In
  • Wake-on-Lan Plug-In
  • OpenStack Plug-In
  • Ansible Plug-In
  • Clonezilla Plug-In
  • ESXi Bulk Install Plug-In
  • Image Shelf Plug-In
  • Windows Plug-In
  • Docker Plug-In
  • High-Availability Plug-In
  • IPMI Plug-In
  • Role Administration Plug-In
  • LDAP Plug-In
  • Ceph Storage Plug-In
  • Citrix XenServer Plug-In
  • Open vSwitch Plug-In

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